Sophie Elliott

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Dunedin, New Zealand
sophie elliott

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Our beloved and treasured daughter and sister died at the hand of her former boyfriend Clayton Weatherston. He came to our home gaining entry by saying he had something for her. Sophie was packing to leave for her first career job at Treasury in Wellington, having just completed an Honours degree in Economics. In typical Sophie style, not wanting to have enemies, she agreed to let him in. On that beautiful, warm summers day, he stabbed her to death in her bedroom. This was the day our lives stopped. Sophie was a kind, loving and caring person and we would never have thought her life would end like that at aged 22.

It has been our legacy to Sophie that her father has pursued some of the inequities in the justice system for victims and I have embarked on the journey of highlighting the signs of abuse in a dating relationship.

Sophie was a breath of fresh air, always in a hurry and seemingly with more hours in her day than we did. She loved her university years but was ready to move on. I was lucky that, apart from a brief episode flatting, she lived at home with me. The time we shared together is precious to me. While we had our disagreements she was also good at apologising and leaving me a nice note or buying a block of chocolate. Always Caramello I might add, as this was her favourite and I would feel obliged to share !

Soph was very good at telling me whether she liked what I wore and, I have to say, I respected her dress sense. I miss that hugely as she seemed to have a flare and was pretty good at telling me if I looked like a ‘fuddy duddy’ She was excited but also very nervous, as we were, about her going to Wellington. A new experience for her.

We as parents have lost the joy of seeing her doing what she wanted, possibly travel but certainly children. She told me that having a family was one of her goals. Perhaps we would have had the joy of seeing her married to someone who respected and loved her. We no longer have that choice.

Sophie’s brothers miss out on her fun loving, cheeky personality which would have added another dimension to their lives no matter where they were living.

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Parents Lesley & Gil, brothers Nick & Chris
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