Philip Cowan

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New Zealand
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Wellington, New Zealand
New Zealand
philip cowan

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Phil died because some low life killed him. This has torn our life apart. Trying to focus on day-to-day living is difficult. Not a day goes by without us thinking what should have been.

Not only has Phil been denied the opportunity to grow old but also Cathy and Simon and family have been denied the opportunity for offspring and sharing social time together as a complete family unit. The world has been denied the opportunity of a talented and loved young man to make a contribution to society. Phil is a part of us we shall always treasure and remember

Phil is the second of 3 healthy sons that Cathy and Simon were blessed with.

All the boys thrived in a loving family environment and were successful scholastically and enjoyed a full life and contributed to the well being of family and friends.

Phil excelled in art and design and horticulture. He successfully completed the first year of a degree in Wellington but dropped out early in the second year. Phil felt constrained by tertiary study and wanted to take time out to live life before applying himself to secure his future.

Phil developed a transient lifestyle where he travelled all over New Zealand. He picked up casual work and met many people through his ability to engage with them. Phil’s friendly and caring manner would lead to long philosophical discussions on making the world a better place.

Phil’s life has been ended by a criminal act. No one has been held responsible for his death. What sort of society do we now allow to exist?.

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Cathy and Simon Cowan
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