Kenneth Scott Heard

Name used/Nickname:
Big Bear ( to me) or Hair bag from his friends
Date of birth:
Location of birth:
Auckland, New Zealand
Date of death:
Location of death:
Panmure Auckland
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Your Tribute

He was larger than life, funny and very loved by many. He loved acdc, harleys and old school cars. As a kid i used to request our fave song by acdc and we would head bang to it. We used to go do donuts ( burn outs) at the end of the rd and have many laughs. Apart from the wild stuff he was a doting dad he brushed my hair every morning with special spray, brought me whatever i wanted and made me larger than life banana cakes each birthday up until i was 6. He was adored by our whole family my cousins often wished they could stay longer when he was around. He was a good man a bogan with a heart of gold. Got into some trouble im sure but at the end of the day his love within the 6 years of knowing him has lasted me until now and most likely forever. He kept a locket with my photo in it right by his heart inside his leather jacket. If that doesnt show his beautiful soul i dont know what does.

Tribute placed by:
Melissa Heard
Relationship to Victim:

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