Joan-Marie Wech

Date of birth:
Location of birth:
Auckland, New Zealand
Date of death:
Location of death:
Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia
New Zealand
joan marie wech

Your Tribute

Joan was the eldest of three children. She was my brother’s best friend and my idol.

She wanted to travel overseas, starting with Sydney Australia, and worked many casual jobs there. She was supposed to go with friends to the Blue Mountains for Labour Weekend, but someone got sick and they decided not to go. Instead she worked an extra shift at the service station in Darlinghurst, to put towards her savings for her trip to London, which was booked for later that month. Had she gone to the Blue Mountains we may still have had Joan here with us now.

Whilst at work that Saturday night, someone murdered her and ripped our family's lives apart. She was stabbed many times and no one has ever been charged with her murder.

Joan loved life - she was bubbly, had a wonderful sense of humour, was fun to be around, and lit up a room when she entered it. She was a very pretty girl but her real beauty was within. She had learned ballet through her college years and was a beautiful dancer. She excelled at physical education at school. She loved surfing and would surf after school instead of doing her homework! She played the piano fluently and loved all kinds of music. In particular she loved the Bee Gees, and their song “Don’t forget to remember me” was one of her favourites.

We will never forget to remember you Joan. Our Mum and Dad have now passed, but they lost their first-born whom they cherished. The pain they felt was immeasurable and only years later when my brother and I became parents, did we realise how they must have felt. We knew how painful it was losing a wonderful older sister. She never got to be married and have children. We missed her wedding, her children, her birthdays, and family get-togethers were never the same again.

We love and miss her dearly, and will always feel cheated for not having her in our lives.

Tribute placed by:
Louise Shepherd and Leon Wech
Relationship to Victim:
Sister and brother

Supportive Messages:

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Delwyn Fletcher

She will always be in our hearts

AMBER Gillespie

Rest in peace joan. To all our wech family. Hope we will all be able to get the closure we have been seeking for so long.

Michael Larcombe

Have never forgotten you Joan.

Kodie Dewhurst

Love you Joanie x

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