Ashlee Edwards

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Whangarei, New Zealand
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Whangarei, New Zealand
New Zealand
Ashlee Edwards

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Ashlee Louise Anne was one of the most likeable kids you could meet and many said that of her. She had a heart of gold, was very kind, caring and loving, saw the best in everyone and the funniest in situations, she made us laugh when we were trying to be serious and just had a fun loving nature. She was an animal lover and often tried re-homing critters, her pet lambs winning champion lambs at school pet's day. Ash didn't have a love for school as she wasn't very academic and was tormented by kid's over her dermatitis. However she loved her school lunches and was a right little social butterfly developing friendships where ever she went. She grew up on a lifestyle block with her mum Karen and spent most holidays at her grandparent's farm in Okaihau, their bach at Hihi beach or tiki touring around the countryside. They lived in Byron Bay, Australia for a year, the lifestyle there remedied her dermatitis. Ash attended Whangarei Girl's High School and Okaihau College before working at Kerikeri New World to save up for her lifetime goal to attend a course to become a chef. This dream was shattered when she endured a 3 1/2 year off on violent relationship with her partner. She gained a protection order against him that he breached. Findings were made that this was not adequately managed by Police. Ashlee's trusting soul was also diminished the night of 26 July 2012 when she met up with her former partner at a night club and tried to walk home, after an altercation he pushed her over a bridge, jumping in after her cruelly taking her life from her two precious little girls who were only 2 years old and 4 months old at the time. They were asleep safely at home only metres away waiting to wake up to Mum in the morning. Ashlee's mum Karen is now raising her daughter's, she has supported a campaign to parliament for harsher penalties with breaches of protection orders, continuously raises awareness about domestic violence, sexual violence and narcissistic abuse. Ashlee's memory is shared everyday with her little girls looking at photos and telling stories about their mum's fun loving escapades. We miss her dearly. 

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