Anthony Hallmond

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Dargiville New Zealand
Date of death:
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Te Awamutu New Zealand
Kiwi (New Zealand)
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My boy... kind, caring, funny, generous, 3rd child out of 5 and younger son of 2... so a brother, a dad, uncle, nephew, cousin, grandson and a solid friend of many...
Broken we are, struggling every minute of the day. How on earth do we even begin to learn to except that this gorgeous boy of ours has been murdered in such a brutal way and just left outside on a cold winters night outside of Te awamutu college and beside a child's daycare centre.. the coward that did this watched as a bystander as myself (Anthony's mum) my youngest daughter and my eldest son watch our dearest son/ brother lay dead on the footpath as the ambulance staff told us that there was nothing more they could do for Anthony...dead!! 45 minutes they worked on my boy... I can't even find it in myself to say RIP... he loved life and had so much more to give, then a dis functional meth head decided that my son didn't need to live anymore!! How do we even begin to learn to do this..

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Rhana Stannard - Anthony's Mum
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My nephew is so, so missed. Hearts are shredded to tiny pieces. Stomachs are sick. Heads are full of memories because this is all we have left of this beautiful person. This should not have happened. He should still be here raiding fridges and sleeping in and at random places. But, instead, all we have are memories. We will treasure each and every one. xo

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