Helping to support victims of crime

Donations are gratefully received to help Taken and our affiliated partners


Taken Life Trust operates as a not for profit. It is currently privately funded however grants have been applied for to help cover the various costs associated with running the website and social media components.

If you would like to support Taken please visit our Givealittle page. Donations to the trust are gratefully received and will help with administrative costs.

The Trust is also raising money to support victims of crime. Victim Support NZ recently had their overseas service allocation cut. Now families who have lost a loved one through homicide overseas have to pay for their travel to the Country to visit the site of the incident or hear the trial themselves. We feel this is unacceptable given the shock and heartache the family are trying to cope with let alone adding the pressure of having to find additional funds to travel to where their loved one was killed. We are therefore providing a percentage of donations to the trust to the Victim Support Overseas Support initiative.

As a charitable trust Takenlife can issue a receipt for your donation. Please indicate if you would like a receipt emailed to you.

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