Remembering loved ones taken by murder and homicide, forever with us.

Taken is a community providing support and understanding for families and friends who have been affected by homicide.

Taken is a place for families to make and share a public tribute to a loved one they have lost through murder/homicide, thereby giving their loved one a voice. We hope that people who visit the site then join the Taken community, and are spurred on to make positive and meaningful changes in our communities ensuring these senseless deaths no longer happen.

On average we have 106 murders/homicides in New Zealand each year. (Average in the years 1978 - 2014). Approximately 50% of these occur through family violence.
Although diverse in ethnicity, age, gender and backgrounds the impact of violence is a common thread that links these bereaved families. All have lost a loved one through a criminal act. Their deaths were untimely, unnecessary and horrific.
When grief is driven by the trauma of sudden loss, violence or abuse the impact is magnified and intensified. The impact has a far-reaching ripple effect in our community.

At the heart of this tragic loss is the family. Rippling outwards are the layers of people and communities who are all, in some way, affected by the tragedy of homicide. From those who had a personal connection, through to the general public who may have read or heard of the murder. They too may feel sadness, shock, anger or even fear. One tragic loss affects hundreds if not thousands of people.

Taken provides a place for all those affected by homicide to come together, remember and celebrate the loved one that was taken. It is another extension of providing victim support. It also provides a place for people on those outer ripples to show their support for the families grieving and unite together as a community to work towards a better society. Taken will help provide awareness of the horrendous personal and ongoing cost of homicide in New Zealand. Awareness equals the opportunity to change.

Creating awareness and recognition leads to opportunity for change.

Join the Taken community and help become an agent of change for a safer and better community.

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